“An outsider”, in her own words, Maayana has never been one to follow the rules. As an explorer of that beyond the edges of comfort, she fearlessly dives into the unsettling and raw in her themes. Maayana’s style can be referred to as  “bad painting”, which is also supported by her non-conformist approach towards art-making. Expressive and bold, full of personal references, metaphors and at times, austere observations of interpersonal relationships – Maayana’s work is driven by emotion, as complicated as it may be. She operates in waves of creative outbursts that seem random and detached from each other, but her delivery bears an imprint that’s been there throughout the four decades of making art her way. 


Influence & Inspiration

Over the years, several artists have impacted Maayana’s work and the way she approaches subject matter, medium and technique. Among them, German expressionists Ernest Kirshner and Georg Baselitz, Mike Kelly’s work with collages and found objects and Kiki Martin’s figural representations of mortality, abjection, and sexuality. An art tour of American galleries during the 80’s has introduced Maayna to the abstract works of Agness Martin, Barnett Newman and Ad Reinhardt.
She would later dive into the infinite world of non-figurative art through her large-scale, mural-like paintings.